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IBMS Challenge

Each Monthly winner will advance to our 2014 Finals In Punta Cana Dominican Republic!

The “Miss International Bikini Model Search” winner of each month will receive a free 6 day all inclusive stay in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic from September 25, 2014 until October 1, 2014 at the 5 Star Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort. All meals, beverages and complete access to all scheduled IBMS events and photo shoots is included with each prize. While in Punta Cana, each winner will advance to compete in the $50,000 International Finals, have the opportunity to shoot with 50+ published photographers (many of whom have been published in Maxim, Playboy, FHM and more), personally meet with representatives from over 20+ national and international magazines (including Playboy, Maxim, FHM, Bizsu, Kandy Magazine and more), modeling agencies, swimwear lines and more, along with the opportunity to participate in our Swimwear Fashion Show, modeling classes, networking seminars, shoot for IBMS Magazine and IBMS Swimwear Calendar, attend special themed parties and events planned exclusively for IBMS winners, models, photographers and their guests, along with much more.

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  • testimonial img

    Carah Munroe

    AspiringSo blessed to be able to take part in my first IBMS! Thank-you to Patrick and Elina,
    all the photographers that I had the chance to shoot with, all the models I met that were so supportive and the friendships I made! Here is my first edit back with Greg Aldous!
    Can't wait for my next IBMS!
  • testimonial img

    Carissa Lynn

    IBMSI want to thank Patrick & Elina McKinney and so many more for seriously changing my life last week im cancun! It was definatly a trip I plan to attend again as well as recommend it to any upcoming model!
  • testimonial img

    Morgan Maria

    MissThank you, IBMS, for giving me the tools and contacts I needed to become successful in the sometimes, dog-eat-dog industry known as modeling. It has been a bumpy ride. I have had many people tell me I didn't have the right "look" and they always turned me a way.

    However, two people didn't turn me away, Elina and Patrick McKinney. Now, look how far I have come!

    I have fought for years, literally, to win the title of Miss IBMS! I am beyond flattered, honored, and humbled by achieving this goal.

    Thank you, IBMS, for changing my Life.
  • testimonial img

    Abby Parece:

    IBMS"I'm so thankful for all the opportunities and the people that God has recently put into my life. A special thank you to the whole team at IBMS and Playboy Mexico for making my dreams come true!"
  • testimonial img

    Gary Miller

    IBMS"To anyone considering attending a future IBMS event: do yourself a favor and make every effort to attend one of these amazing events! You will thank yourself later! That goes out to both models and photographers. Patrick and Elina McKinney, thank you both for all of your tireless efforts and for facilitating another successful IBMS event, giving both models and photographers the opportunity to create lasting friendships and beautiful photographic works. So very proud to be apart of the IBMS family."
  • testimonial img

    Nikki Fulford

    IBMS"It's official! Thanks to IBMS, Gary Miller & Eva Space I will be published in Bizsu Magazine in September! You can go to Barnes & Nobles and see me in their magazine! None of this could have been possible without Elina and Patrick McKinney! Thank you sooooo much for giving me this opportunity!"
  • testimonial img

    Hanna Love

    IBMS"The IBMS family has taken me under their wing and has made so many dreams come true including mine...and I can't wait to go to PUNTA CANA and shoot with more photographers and meet more models from all over the world!!!!"
  • testimonial img

    Francis Gamboa

    IBMS""I would like to thank Patrick and Elina McKinney for putting together another awesome event. You guys rock #powercouple."
  • testimonial img

    Drew Santos

    IBMSThank you again to Patrick and Elina McKinney for putting together an amazing event. It was great seeing old and new faces. I met lots of friends that are now part of the IBMS family. Too many names to mention. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again in Punta Cana, Domican Republic on the next IBMS event.
  • testimonial img

    Sloan Summers

    IBMSHad such a great time and such an eye opening experience at TheBikini ModelSearch Cancun. Cant wait to do it again in September! So thankful for everyone I was able to meet and old friends I got to see again. If you're really looking to get yourself into the industry. I would highly advise taking a peak at one of these amazing #IBMS events! Cheers to success and everyone living your dreams. Such a pleasure to share it all with you. Each one of you shine so bright! Miss your faces so much! See you soon! Thank you for everything!"
  • testimonial img

    Barbara Monteagudo

    2nd“I appreciate TheBikini ModelSearch, Andres De La Rosa, Patrick and Elina McKinney for granting me the opportunity to participate in The International Bikini Model Search and I am very happy with how I placed and to be the first Latina to finish in the Top 3! Thank you!"
  • testimonial img

    Amandy Ranger

    "Thank you to Patrick ParasiseBash McKinney and Elina McKinney for a great event in Cancun!"
  • testimonial img

    Brittany McDonald

    1st"Thank you, Elina and Patrick McKinney for an unbelievable experience with The International Bikini Model Search in Cancun!! I'm truly grateful to officially be apart of the IBMS Family! Thank you for allowing me to shine and show my passion for modeling, I couldn't have done with it without you two! This was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget! I look forward to working with you all soon and continuing to grow not only as a model but as family too! Still in Shock that I placed 2nd out of 63 phenomenal girls!! I can't thank everyone enough for all the love and support!! I'm officially apart of the IBMS Family and have signed with PRINT Model Management. This trip has been a blessing!"
  • testimonial img

    Adrienn Levai

    IBMSThanks to Elina and Patrick McKinney for this wonderful event! It was so beautiful and amazing. I worked a lot, I did like 15-16 shoots. All of the magazines and photographers wanted to work with me but, unfortunately, I didn't have time for everybody this week. In the competition, I didn't win the title but I already did 3 different shoots for 3 different Playboy editions, shot for the Playboy México, too, Kandy Magazine, WTF Magazine, FHM Norway, did a test for Maxim Magazine, The White Tank Project, worked with the most popular glamour photographers in amazing locations and I signed a contract with Print Model Management, so I am very happy and proud and thanks for The International Bikini Model Search Hungary team for sending me here and congrats for Morgan Maria! See you in September on the next IBMS event!"
  • testimonial img

    Arna Bára Karlsdóttir:

    "Patrick and Elina McKinney, I want to thank you both so much for an amazing event and for bringing me there! I will for sure come to IBMS again!!! To all my gorgeous model friends, if you want to pursue your dreams and ready to work for your goals, go to IBMS!!"
  • testimonial img

    Joe Damaso

    IBMS"You may be the most glamorous model or the most creative photographer in the world, but without IBMS, you're nothing. Get on the 'Exposure Bus' and we'll take you to the road of success.
  • testimonial img

    Jeff Silva

    "Cancun was again a good experience and a good time. Got lots of the shots done with great models, hung out with good old friends and some new friends that I believe will last forever on this journey. I'm so lucky to be able to experience all this with my lovely girl, Amandy Rose Range,r we had an awesome time. Thanks, Patrick and Elina McKinney!"
  • testimonial img

    Melissa Anne Teixeira

    “I highly recommend booking the Punta Cana IBMS shoot if you're looking to expand your portfolio, or start one! The quality of photographers and staff are truly amazing! Reach out to Elina or Patrick McKinney for your photo extravaganza! I promise you won't be disappointed!
    Special thanks to Elina, Patrick and the entire IBMS family for making this trip happen!"
  • testimonial img

    Holly Wolf

    Personally I cannot wait to attend the next event, and can’t wait to see new and old friends alike in Punta Cana!!! And of course congrats to this years IBMS Winner Morgan Maria!!!!"
  • testimonial img

    Jessie Becker

    Ravish"Being the official swimwear sponsor of The International Bikini Model Search has been an asset to Ravish Sands Swimwear. Our fan page has quadrupled and our exposure has been international. The Bahamas was our first experience with IBMS, however, I have linked up with other companies in the past and none ever delivered, so, I was thrilled to see how above and beyond IBMS goes to make their events a success.
    I had the opportunity to work side by side with Patrick and Elina McKinney (Founders of IBMS) and they are amazing people to work with. The professionalism of the event is what had me hooked and I am looking forward to continually working with them in the future. I highly recommend models, photographers and more to take the opportunity to sign up and attend any of The International Bikini Model Search events."


Past Challenge WInners


The IBMS would like to personally say Congratulations...

To Miss Morgan Maria for winning the 2014 International Bikini Model Search Finals in Cancun, Mexico!

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